Health checks

A service option designed to extend the working life of your bar code equipment...

Why is important to check your equipment regularly

Prevention is always a better option than replacement or repair. The process is planned so it is seamless and causes no error in your day to day processes.

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Your equipment will be completely refurbished, tested and re-calibrated by our factory authorised service technician, to a standard on a par with the day the unit originally left the factory.

health-checksHow fast can it be done

Turnaround time on SQUARE ONE Re-vamps is the same as your chosen program repair time. Please check the options available to you with our team.

You are fully protected

We can also provide a loan unit in the unlikely event that a unit cannot be repaired in the specified time. This eliminates any unexpected down time while the repair is being completed.

RF Network Healthchecks

A well optimised wireless network can supercharge your productivity while a poorly working one blocks a wide range of important processes.

OpalTec can be commissioned to carry out checks for spectrum congestion and any other interference that could affect channel mapping, throughput or data integrity. Network coverage and throughput testing is performed to confirm correct operation of the wireless network.

As a result, we prepare a report providing detailed information about coverage areas and signal strengths, with recommendations for increasing performance.