Mobile Device Proliferation has been rapid, more mobile devices, different operating systems, different applications, different user groups. Managing your estate of mobile devices and maintaining consistency across your business without using additional resources and incurring costs can be challenging and with more devices the challenge becomes greater.

Does this sound familiar?

  • How can I configure and deploy new mobile devices without incurring additional costs?
  • How can I enable additional functionality/applications for my workforce without losing control?
  • How can I proactively monitor the status of my devices in real time?
  • Do I have the number of devices I need for my business and are they in the right hands?
  • How do I ensure mobile devices are not the weak spot in my IT Security policy?

Let OpalTec monitor, manage and support your mobile device estate pro-actively regardless of device type, manufacturer, operating system, user type and physical location. OpalTec Mobility Managed Services enabling your Enterprise Mobility Management Strategy.

Manage any mobile device regardless of device type, OS, Manufacturer


  • Enrol / Provision devices
  • Application Catalogue
  • Configure Wi-Fi/VPN
  • Configure device Settings & Features
  • Send messages to users in real time
  • Update and Control Devices/ Send Updates


  • Wipe Corporate Data
  • Email Polices
  • Lockdown corporate devices
  • Keep data safe (file encryption)
  • Remote lock, wipe, & backup the device
  • Restrict applications and features
  • Authenticate user access to corporate data


  • Know what devices have which software on them
  • Locate where devices are in real time
  • Track live device movement
  • Track where devices have been
  • Find lost or stolen devices
  • Asset management


  • Real time remote control of devices
  • Reduce the cost & time of support calls
  • Diagnose and fix issues OTA
  • Data Synchronization
  • Control files & processes


  • Detect unsecured/Jail broken/rooted devices
  • Location Based Alerts & Actions (Geofencing)
  • Proactive Alerts
  • Custom & canned reports
  • Ensure devices are compliant with corporate policies
  • Management dashboard graphical views