Social Distancing Signage for Public Safety

OpalTec is pleased to offer signage to encourage Social Distancing and help our customers & communities fight Covid-19 Robust –  Labels are made of hard wearing vinyl so can be applied to floors, walls and windows. Plus they can be easily and regularly cleaned. Visible –  Labels are a visible reminder to customers, employees and partners to observe Social Distances Protocols. Available –  OpalTec produce labels in house, so we can ship within 48 hours. Customisable –  Labels can be branded with corporate logos and colour schemes. Want to know more? Please  contact us  to discuss your requirement. OpalTec International Ltd,  118 Burcott Road, Avonmouth, Bristol BS11 8AB Tel: 0117 916 0810 Email: Web :

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Washing your hands is important, but so is cleaning the devices that your hands touch all day long...

Thorough disinfection of Mobile Computers, Tablets, Printers, Scanners and other devices is critical to infection control in workplaces and public spaces, but there is a right and wrong way to do it… Given the rapidly evolving situation with the COVID-19 coronavirus, we are receiving a high volume of questions about how our products should be cleaned in order to best protect the front-line workers using them in hospitals, warehouses, stores, routes, and more. These inquiries span across the entire portfolio of mobile computers, scanners and printers that Zebra offers … and come from every industry that we work with. Cleaning devices that are going to be used by multiple workers across shifts is a key requirement that we consider not only when designing our products, but also in providing our customers and partners clear guidance on how they can most effectively clean and disinfect them once they are installed in the field. The most important thing to consider when looking to deploy a cleaning protocol for your Zebra products is that the guidance on how to clean a device, and what to clean with, is different for each device… there is not a one-size-fits-all approach… Detailed guidelines on how to disinfect  healthcare variants  of Zebra  scanners ,  printers , and  mobile computers   are provided in the online links. For  non-healthcare models  of Zebra products, look up the  User Guide  for your exact model on the Support section of the Zebra website and turn to the Cleaning Instructions section. For example, the   TC57 user guide  has detailed information starting on page 212. Simply search the document for “clean.” In these  User Guides , you will find step-by-step instructions on how to thoroughly disinfect the casing, buttons, screen (if applicable) and more. You’ll also be able to confirm which cleaning agents are safe to use, including the purity or formulation levels for each ingredient, as well as the cleaning agents that should never be used. Precautions and best practices for handling the device during cleaning processes will also be detailed, so please read the provided guidance before cleaning your devices, or  contact OpalTec’s support  team if you have further questions. Zebra also has a whitepaper “ Best Practices for Infection Prevention ” which was written by Darrel Hicks, a nationally recognised expert in infection control. While this paper was written for the healthcare industry, the recommendations here provide a solid foundation for companies in all industries when taking additional precautions to protect the health of staff and customers. Zebra recommends that you enact a device cleaning policy for your company as soon as possible using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) guidelines. This will help to ensure that employees are properly disinfecting mobile devices, scanners, printers and more on a routine basis. It will also help to re-assure your employees that you are doing everything you can to prevent shared technology tools from becoming a potential source of virus transmission. Clean hands + clean devices = an even more effective infection control strategy

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End of support for Windows CE & Windows Mobile Operating Systems...

Is this Doomsday or a New Dawn for the Warehouse? You may have read that Microsoft is in the end of life phase on its Windows Operating Systems for mobile devices: Windows CE & Windows Mobile. Some versions, such as Windows CE 6.0 and Windows Mobile 6.5, are already end of support and others like Windows CE 7.0 will go end of support in the next 12 months. Most rugged mobile devices used in Warehousing and Manufacturing applications use Windows Operating Systems, so will be affected. This isn’t a doomsday scenario, but there will be security implications if you continue to use unsupported Windows Operating Systems based devices beyond the support date, so now is the time to be planning to move to new technology. New technology can ease operational challenges, so by embracing Android devices in the warehouse you can transform your business operations. Familiarity  – Android delivers the user-friendly interface that your users expect from their smart devices, which improves productivity and reduces training time. Productivity  – Faster devices, better WiFi performance, better displays, better battery performance, capture all 1D and 2D barcodes; these features all enable your workforce to increase their productivity. Capability  – Connect to your WMS or ERP system using Terminal Emulation or Web clients without additional development. Modernize your applications to make them touchscreen friendly and intuitive. Add off the shelf Apps or develop new Apps to digitize other business processes. Add voice, messaging and email communications. Innovation  – Enhance your existing warehouse processes by optimising them at the point of execution. New technologies such as voice control, head mounted displays, RFID and real time locationing allow you to change workflows to meet the needs of the on demand economy. OpalTec can help you implement a strategy to migrate to new technology, including selecting the right devices, migrating your applications to Android, testing and piloting, planning the upgrade, putting the right levels of support in place for the new devices, and once this is all complete, we can buy back your existing Windows devices. Whilst your planning your upgrade, OpalTec can continue to support your legacy Windows devices. Remove the fear of End of Support, and embrace the New Dawn of Android with Zebra and OpalTec. Contact us   today to discuss an Android migration strategy tailored to your business needs. Zebra MC9300 The ultimate ultra-rugged Zebra MC9300 — the next evolution of the world’s best-selling and most trusted Android enterprise mobile computer. When your business deserves the best, the MC9300 delivers, providing the ultimate Android platform, the ultimate in application support, the ultimate ultra-rugged design and the ultimate accessory system. And since you can run your existing TE apps right out of the box, migrating to Android couldn’t be easier. Contact us  today to find out more about the Zebra MC9300 series terminal Zebra Wearable Solutions Zebra’s robust wearable solutions are purpose-built for the enterprise. From Android wearable mobile computers to ring scanners that deliver unrivalled scan performance, these solutions give your front-line workforce the performance edge they need. By combining the hands-free mobility of our wearable technology with one-of-a-kind features like tap to pair capabilities, Zebra’s wearable solutions enable the operational flexibility needed to replace complexity with productivity. Contact us  today to find out more about Zebra Wearable Solutions

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