Organizational Background

Since 2008, BlueFletch has been building mobile software for for large enterprises. Our team of 40 consultants all based out of Atlanta focus helping our clients solve business problems using mobility.

From concept to delivery, we know the best practices and constraints of custom app development and legacy migrations. We’ve even built products to fill the gaps where other management tools fall apart.

Build Great Enterprise Mobile Software

BlueFletch focus on both consumer and enterprise employee facing mobile solutions:

  • Breadth of Mobile Technology – Android, iOS, and Web Portal apps
  • Rugged Applications – Rugged and Consumer, Backend Integration, Test, DevOps
  • Backend Integration – Integration into Legacy backend systems

Client Mix

Our client base is focused around a core mix of Retail, T&L, and CPG. A majority of our work is driven from existing client referrals.

EMS | Enterprise Mobility Suite

Launcher: Intuitive. Efficient. Secure.

Our customizable Launcher is a home screen replacement designed for rugged Android devices that are shared in enterprise environments.

Customizable Look and Feel

  • Logos, Colors, Layouts
  • Site Specific Customization

Single Sign-On

  • Lock down apps and data
  • Compatible with OAuth2, LDAP, and Office365

Role-based Permissions

  • Restrict apps by user access level
  • Consolidate organizational groups in your MDM for app deployment

Smart Logout

  • Auto logout on cradle event
  • Auto logout by time constraints
  • Auto logout by device not detecting motion

Device Accountability

  • Device-level sign on creates device accountability
  • See who is current/last user of a device
  • Find Lost Devices

On-premise Notifications

  • Notifications hosted and managed internally - no third party sharing

Support Agent: Intelligence delivered.

Our Support Agent tool provides invaluable mobile intelligence such as app usage metrics, battery health, device usage, security, and network performance.

Deployment Intelligence

  • Track success/failure rate of OS upgrades, patches, and app deployments
  • App Error logging
  • Device telemetry data

Device Accountability

  • Last login by user
  • Ping devices from from the Portal
  • Approximate last location by access point

Reduce Cost of Ownership

  • Informed troubleshooting and root-cause analysis
  • Reduce “No Fault” resolutions
  • Leverage app usage metrics to sunset unused apps

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