Is your site suitable for a wireless network?

OpalTec starts the process by discussing whether your site requires a wireless network. Our highly skilled engineers will determine whether a wireless network is feasible, and how complex the survey needs to be. We will discuss issues of security (a subject not normally explored within the wireless community), outside interference, building structure, and in the case of long-distance outdoor wireless bridges, whether there is true line of sight.

The Site Survey

The complexity of the site survey required depends on which wireless solution is proposed. A simple solution in a building is a predominantly open space with few structural walls, or an outdoor point-to-point wireless bridge under six miles where there is true line-of-sight between the two locations. These require a basic site survey. A multiple-site indoor wireless LAN, or an indoor wireless LAN with multiple rooms/floors and/or solid walls and unusual construction will both require a more complex site survey. Similarly with a point-to-point wireless bridge in excess of six miles or without true line-of-sight.

Who should perform the Site Survey?

A team of engineers with expertise in LANs, Radio Frequency analysis and Antenna Placement should perform the site survey. While many organizations have LAN expertise, RF expertise is not so widely available. OpalTec has a team of certified RF engineers and installers who are qualified to perform complex site surveys. To assure a successful design and implementation, it is critical that certified engineers with RF expertise participate in the wireless site survey. All OpalTec technicians that visit your site are fully trained and CWNA certified (Certified Wireless Network Adminstration).

How does Wireless work?

A Wireless network is made up of three MAIN components: the access point, PCMCIA or PCI card and the antenna. The Access Point is the part that you invariably need to connect to your network and as a rule of thumb you can anticipate the following:

  • 10 to 15 users per Access Point
  • 30 meters radius connectivity from the Access Point
  • Connectivity speed decreases with distance

The Access point comes with a choice of an integrated or external antenna depending on your requirements i.e. do you need a point-to-point connection between two buildings or to simply run an internal LAN within a single classroom or office.

The PCMCIA Card provides an integrated and removable antenna for mobile or Laptop devices. A PCI Card fits into the PCI slot on traditional desktop PC's.

The Yagi Antenna - if you want to connect between two buildings then the Yagi high gain directional antenna is suitable for mast or building mounting and is used for point-to-point Wireless connectivity with line of site. This gives coverage of 5km and above.

Omni Directional Antenna - this antenna is ideal for an outdoor Field site as it provides coverage in a spherical pattern with a distance of 500m.

Contact OpalTec to discuss and schedule wireless site surveys. We perform surveys both for end-users and as sub-contractors to other organisations. We have entire UK coverage.

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