The Future of Terminal Emulation Has Arrived

StayLinked's Evolve integration platform enables companies to take their existing investment in TE-based systems to a whole new level.

Now customers can quickly and easily integrate new technologies into their existing warehouse management system (WMS), improving productivity and efficiencies.

Revolutionize your Digital Experience with SmartTE

Harness the capabilities and benefits of today's touchscreen devices by seamlessly converting your legacy 'green screen' interfaces into modern, user-friendly graphical displays. With StayLinked SmartTE, the world’s most advanced terminal emulation solution, you can migrate and modernize without compromising the integrity of your underlying enterprise applications.

Dive into the future today with SmartTE and start enjoying increased productivity and unsurpassed reliability.

Operational delays

Each time a session drops the user has to log back into the system, which takes time. Even a few minutes can have a ripple effect on the entire operation.

Decreased Productivity

Consistent interruptions mean that tasks take longer to complete. Over time this decrease in efficiency can lead to missed deadlines and slower order fulfillment.

Errors and Mistakes

When sessions drop, there’s a risk of data loss or error. A worker might scan a product, but if the session drops before the data is saved, that action might not be recorded. Such errors can lead to inventory discrepancies, missed shipments, and other costly mistakes.

Increased Labor Costs

Delays and inefficiencies mean that workers spend more time on tasks than necessary. This can lead to increased labor hours and, in turn, higher costs.

Reduced Morale

Constant technical issues can be frustrating for workers. Over time, this can lead to decreased job satisfaction and higher turnover rates, which in turn can increase recruitment and training costs.

Customer Impact

Inefficiencies and errors can lead to delayed shipments or wrong items being sent out, which could result in contractual penalties. This can hurt a company's reputation and lead to loss of customers or increased costs in returns and corrections.

Redefining the Future

Leading-edge technologies, such as IIoT devices and AMRs, have transformed warehousing operations, delivering numerous benefits, and ensuring future readiness. While traditional green screen devices have their merits, they require more extensive training and have a steeper learning curve. With SmartTE you can transform your "green screen" applications and benefit from today’s touchscreen technology, advancing your warehouse to a more efficient and adaptable operation.

The Benefits of StayLinked's SmartTE

Why you can rely on StayLinked's SmartTE to provide the best solution for your 'green screen' devices:

Save Time
Save time and cost with true “Out-of-the-Box” automatic reformatting - no manual editing required.
Increased Productivity
Avoid disruptions to end-user productivity by incrementally introducing the new interface to your workforce.
Easy Deployment
Smoother and easier deployment as changes are automatically displayed on all devices without additional MDM products.
Use SmartTiles to create widgets, buttons, custom keyboards, tool tips and more – all above the application layer, without touching the host application.
Pay only for what you use
StayLinked’s Fair Licensing is based on concurrent connections (not all your devices) and licenses supporting future devices with no additional fees.
Measure Performance
Easily measure business process performance with StayLinked IQ – Business Intelligence included.
No Additional Tech
With SmartTE only the StayLinked server is required for all elements.
Supports All Platforms
Supports Android devices, but unlike rival options, also iOS and other platforms.
Maximize Your ROI
Rather than replacing your devices, use SmartTE to upgrade them to touchscreen technology and optimize your existing investment.
Reduced Error Rates
With SmartTE you can transform green screen devices to more intuitive interfaces that deliver on-screen instructions, significantly reducing data entry errors.
Improved Efficiency
SmartTE facilitates easier data entry by converting green screens into touchscreens through on-screen keyboards, drop-down menus, and touch-based navigation. This simplifies tasks for warehouse workers and improves operational speed.
As warehouses increasingly move towards automation and real-time data becomes more crucial, SmartTE and Evolve lay the groundwork for your organization to embrace these advancements.

Change Made Easy with StayLinked Evolve

Integrating new, money-saving technologies, such as robotics, is no longer difficult, time-intensive, expensive, or risky.

With the pioneering StayLinked Evolve platform, you can take advantage of new technologies by quickly and easily integrating them with your existing warehouse management system.

Breaking Down Barriers of New Technology Integration

Integrating your existing warehouse management systems (WMS) with new and emerging Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can be costly and complex. Integration often requires bespoke coding, which adds cost, complexity, and delays to pilot projects.

With Evolve, integration with your existing terminal emulation (TE) applications is fast, seamless and easy. Everything ‘just works’. So you can be up and running – and even starting to see ROI for some integrations – within a matter of hours.

Leverage the StayLinked Evolve Platform

Integrating new IIoT technologies isn't plug and play. Most have proprietary software requiring a long, complex, and costly integration.

Evolve has been developed to solve this problem, enabling the rapid integration of technologies such as robotics with existing systems. The benefits are clear.

Optimized Workflows

Reduce cost, complexity, and risk and increase productivity without the need to rip and replace your existing WMS. Optimize your existing workflows by integrating new products and solutions with the help of Evolve’s integration platform.

Intelligent Automation

Modernize existing operations by taking advantage of leading-edge IIoT technology. Empower your workers with intelligent automation and IIoT solutions that increase warehouse efficiency and productivity.

Time-Saving Technology

Improve efficiency, reliability, and productivity of warehouse operations by streamlining workflows with IIoT peripherals, including the ProGlove Mark Display. Empower your workforce with automation and systems coordination.

Actionable Insights

Measure the impact of new technologies and new workflows, helping you to make informed decisions so you can operate in a more effective and cost-efficient way. Capture server and mobile device data to monitor device health, worker behavior, worker productivity, network availability, and more.

Augmented Displays

Give your workers the power to do more. Integrate with heads-up display (HUD) platforms such as Zebra’s FulfillmentEdge and implement the latest in augmented reality technology.

Visual Validation

Validate product integrity and reroute critical information to customers, vendors, and employees with the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Real-Time Alerts

Automate notifications and customize workflows to deliver instant, actionable alerts to workers to help them process workloads more efficiently. Track progress of workflows to identify new processes that could benefit from alerts and then measure their impact.

Maximize Efficiency

Manage technology data and business processes to evaluate productivity across teams and warehouse locations. Accelerate employee onboarding with an optimized user experience and deploy new technologies to help combat the labor shortage. There are many ways to maximize efficiency with Evolve.

Get More from Your Existing Investment

You've already invested in systems that work. Now you want to take them to the next level to increase productivity and help combat the labor shortage.

There's no reason to get left behind due to incompatibility. Get more from your existing system by taking advantage of the latest technology with Evolve.

Smart TE Optimization
Optimize your existing terminal emulation technology with a platform that focuses on maximizing efficiency and incorporating IIoT solutions.
Legacy Compatibility
No need to start from scratch. Evolve allows you to connect new and existing technology together seamlessly.
Simple Integration
Evolve makes it easy for users to integrate with other hardware and software solutions, including Zebra, NIMMSTA, and Fetch Robotics.
Easy Deployment
Customers can deploy new technologies to existing workflows faster with Evolve and improve productivity straight away.
Secure and Reliable
StayLinked is highly secure and robust, eliminating dropped sessions to avoid costly data loss and disruptions.
Get more out of your TE investment with an optimized solution that leverages new technology today and tomorrow.

Integrations and Featured Technology Partners

StayLinked has partnered with best-in-class IIoT manufacturers such as Zebra, Fetch, ProGlove, and NIMMSTA to deliver seamlessly integrated solutions to the challenges facing modern supply chain organizations. Customers can now maximize operational efficiency without the associated cost, complexity, and risk associated with new technology integrations.

Zebra provides the industry’s largest range of rugged mobile computers, barcode label printers, barcode scanners, forklift truck computers, and wearable scanners. Zebra’s technology helps to optimize efficiencies and productivity across a number of vertical markets.
Fetch Robotics leads the way in on-demand automation. Fetch’s Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) facilitate streamlined manufacturing, fulfillment, and distribution solutions for up to 3x the productivity of traditional warehouses.
ProGlove manufactures wearable barcode scanners which increase scanning efficiency. With the help of devices like ProGlove, workers can get more done in less time and stay ahead of the competition.
NIMMSTA develops user-friendly and ergonomic wearable solutions, including the first backhand scanner with touch display, which boosts efficiency and increases employee satisfaction for routine tasks in a warehouse setting, including picking, shipping, and assembly.

TekTerm for Android

Zebra TekTerm for Android is Zebra's Android software solution for Psion Teklogix custom software, such as TekRF, TekConsole, and TESS-based applications.

Available for All Zebra Android Devices

As part of the innovative StayLinked approach, we are excited to offer the TekTerm for Android feature for Zebra's Android devices. Our cutting-edge technology is available for all of Zebra's Android devices, including popular models such as the Zebra MC9300, the versatile Zebra VC80x, the advanced Zebra VC83, the rugged Zebra MC3300, the efficient ET40, the compact TC22, and the powerful WT6300.

Additionally, we support the MC22xx/MC27xx series for seamless integration. For ultimate performance, TekTerm for Android is also compatible with the TC52/TC58/TC77/TC78 series and the L10 Tablet. Stay tuned for more exciting device models that will soon be supported. With TekTerm for Android, you can take your Zebra Android device to the next level. Read the FAQs to learn more about our exceptional technology.

TekTerm Users Can Upgrade to Android
StayLinked has partnered with Zebra Technologies to provide a seamless migration solution for TekTerm customers.
Session Persistence Built Right In
By eliminating dropped or lost sessions, TekTerm for Android keeps your applications and your workforce running at optimal performance.
Fastest Enterprise Solution Available
Because of StayLinked's incredibly efficient architecture, all interaction with the host application is executed locally on the host computer.

StayLinked + Zebra

StayLinked is beginning the first wave of feature enhancements for Zebra TEKTERM customers, which will give them the ability to modernize their applications and move beyond legacy screens and capabilities.

  • Touch-enabled screens
  • Configurable SmartKeyboards
  • SmartTiles custom widgets

Contact us to get more detail about Staylinked solutions.