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Honeywell CK3X

Honeywell ck3x - rugged 802.11 a/b/g/n mobile computer
Picture Honeywell CK3X

With the pace and competitiveness of business today, its no secret that customers expect accurate orders to be delivered on-time and damage-free, every time. Putting cost-effective processes and technologies in place to improve workforce and workflow performance is vital to the success of your operations.

The CK3X fits your timetable for achieving such results with a pedigree of proven success, easy deployment and fast return on investment. Extending the popular ergonomic design of the CK3 model, the CK3X takes the best and makes it even better, giving you the power to put accuracy and productivity in the hands of your workers.

The CK3X comes with a choice of integrated area imagers for standard range or near/far range scanning. These imagers provide unsurpassed scanning performance on 1D and 2D bar codes and are particularly well-suited for reading poor quality and damaged codes. Support for omni-directional scanning and very high motion tolerance allows workers to capture an accurate scan and quickly move to the next task.

Click here to download Honeywell CK3X spec sheet

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