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WT6300 Wearable Computer

The ultimate industrial wearable computer for hands-free mobility
Picture WT6300 Wearable Computer

With the explosion of ecommerce, picking and sorting have become full time jobs, not only in the warehouse, but in the retail store where orders placed online need to be ready for pick up in as little as two hours. Now customers can empower their workers to keep pace with exploding ecommerce demand. Our hands-free WT6300 builds on our WT6000, offering new features that take productivity and order accuracy to the next level.

The WT6300 features a new keypad option that provides a familiar interface for manual keyed input. It delivers lightning fast application performance with more processing power, RAM and Flash memory than the WT6000. The WT6300 runs Android™ 10, with a pathway to Android 11, to deliver superior future proofing. It is rugged and ready for the toughest environments, including the freezer. Improved WiFi support delivers 'no-drop' dependable connections and users get maximum Bluetooth peripheral performance and range with Bluetooth 5.0 Class 1 support. Connect a Bluetooth ring scanner and HD4000 Head-Mounted Display for a complete solution. Plus, users can capture images via a paired Zebra ring scanner to document proof of condition on-the-fly.

Unlike the competition, the WT6300 is purpose built for ergonomic hands-free operation. Maximum comfort and durability mean ultimate worker productivity—and a business that can keep up with market demand.

Click here to download Zebra WT6300 spec sheet

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