Achieve Tobacco Products Directive Compliance with OpalTec Track and Trace Solution

November 16, 2018

[last update: September 2, 2020 ]


Why use DotCode?

DotCode’s flexibility and high error correction capabilities makes it appealing to industries that require security and durability from the barcodes they uses. For instance:

  • Major manufacturers are adding it to products and packaging for track and trace and workflow management solutions;
  • Major shipping and postal organizations have begun utilizing it on shipping labels as they can withstand ‘abuse’ during the shipping process and still be easily scanned;
  • Major CPGs recognize it’s ability to support anti-theft and counterfeiting initiatives because it is difficult to duplicate.

How is DotCode used?

A dot code, generically, is a type of barcode that encodes data in an array of nominally disconnected dots at chosen sites within a regular grid of possible locations. DotCode is a dot code whose array is rectangular in shape, of height H (rows) and width W (columns), with just half of the possible dot locations made available for printing, like the dark squares on a checker-board.

Download more information:

  •  Tobacco Products Directive – Key Facts (2.5MB)
  • Tobacco Products Directive – Guide (5MB)