Zebra Printer Trade Up Programme

August 28, 2019

[last update: September 3, 2020 ]


Do your printers have all the functionality, reliability, ease-of-use and network security you need?

Could they actually be putting your business data, productivity and growth at risk?

  • The way we use printers is changing, we connect more devices than ever before, and how data is parsed to them is evolving too… older printers simply can’t keep up!
  • Data security and compliance are major issues right now… your older network printers offer an easy ‘way-in’ for hackers and cyber-terrorists; and surprisingly, smaller businesses are targeted most frequently.
  • Many older printers are no longer supported by the manufacturer… so what if yours fail tomorrow? Better to plan and upgrade than end-up unable to print and waiting for a delivery.
  • Printer ‘populations’ often grow randomly over time… but you can replace multiple old printers with fewer, higher-performance ones: far easier and more cost-effective to manage.

These are just a few of the reasons to Trade-Up today.

Please contact us to find out how OpalTec and the Zebra Printer Trade Up Programme can make the most of your print budget!